Sunday, 28 April 2013

Afternoon Drive

After the kids have stayed at the hospital for awhile, they start wanting to explore more places, ie our houses.  So they all hopped in the car with Brett to come visit. Brett called me to tell me to open the gate and as I opened our front door to walk outside I could hear chanting, "Sheri, Sheri, Sheri!"and I knew we had visitors. 

They were thrilled to see our house, except for the dogs. We had locked them up in the goat pen but they got out and all the kids freaked out. But aside from that this mishap, they all enjoyed seeing the toubab's house.

I love Adiara's face here. She's looking at our neighbor as if to say, "Why are you looking at me? Leave us alone. This is OUR car." :)

These are some of the special times we get to have living here. I don't think any US hospital would let us just drive off with 5 patients and two extra kids in the car, just because, especially since we didn't even ask their parents. :)

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