Sunday, 24 March 2013

Kadia (leukemia) is D.O.N.E.!!!!

 After two years of coming each month for a dose of Vincristine and a refill on her daily medications, she is finally ALL DONE! I cannot believe it has been over two years that we have treated this sweet girl.

She has really started to grow up, she's getting taller and looking really good. She will always be my girl. How can you not be head over heals in love with her?

On day of arrival and diagnosis
During her induction chemo, feeling awful

All done!
As you can see, the kiddos have eaten their fill of tootsie rolls and various other candies. They come to me daily for their candy ration. We maybe treating their cancer or various other aliments but we definitely aren't helping their teeth. :) (Honestly, though, Carol is a dental hygienist and she has worked on all the kids' teeth that have lived at the hospital for any period of time. They do all have tooth brushes now.)

I will miss seeing my little girl each month but oh so thankful that she is in remission and doing well!

Josué (Osteosarcoma) and Habi (Ovarian Burkitt's Lymphoma) finished treatment

In December (how can I be this late in posting??) Josué and Habi finished their chemo treatments. We celebrated with cake, their choice. They really did well and it is sad that they are no longer at the hospital, sad for us, good for them! :)

Habi was actually quite sad to leave us and didn't really want to go. I am thankful that despite their treatment, loads of shots and lumbar punctures that they come away knowing that they are loved and valued. In some ways, that is the best thing we can give them.

Our little party with Soumailla (Squamous cell skin cancer on his scalp) and Chaka (double amputee) and Jessica. Jessica and Kristen's office is the hang out spot for inpatient kids who are staying for long periods of time.

Josué at arrival
Finished with chemo, eating his celebratory cake :)

Josué being Josué. He was a silly kid. It definitely took time for him to warm up to me, but I think he did. He would joke with me all the time. :) I do think he came around. He is now back in his village walking on his prosthetic leg and doing well.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Koutiala Pediatric Sickle cell and Cancer Blog

Our current visitor and good friend pediatric hematologist-oncologist Alan Anderson has been updating his blog during the last 2 weeks here in Mali. There are some great pictures and updates about how our children with cancer and sickle cell are doing, as well as how we are screening more and more children for sickle cell to prevent early childhood death and disability. Be sure to check out this wonderful blog:

Adjara: Hodgkin's Lymphoma but responding great to chemo