Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Djeneba, burn

I happened to be over at the hospital in town the other day and thought I would try to find Djeneba to get a picture since I had heard she was doing well there. Since they had referred her to us we transferred her back once her skin grafts were completed.  I arrived while she was waiting to get her dressing changed, so she was not happy to see me, even though I kept telling her I was the one who gave her candy. :) The pictures aren't great because I was using my ipod and it was dark but the improvement is amazing so I'm posting them anyway.

This is her smiling, I think. Either that or she was trying hard to move away from me. :)

The top of her head. How amazing it is, especially considering where she came from. If you don't remember, you can click here but be warned these are quite graphic.

So glad she is doing better and so thankful for our partnership with MSF (Doctors Without Borders) who referred this girl to us and then took back over her dressing changes after her skin grafts were performed. Glad we can work together to see improvements in the lives of children. Considering the relatively limited medical care that we can provide in Mali, it truly is a miracle that she survived the horrific burns she suffered.