Monday, 12 March 2012

Moctar, childhood leukemia update

Unfortunately Moctar's paralysis has not changed. Though there seemed to be some initial improvement when cancer treatment was started he seems now to just be wasting away.

So we had to do the worst part of our job. We told the family that we could do no more to help him and that he could go home. We paid for him and his family to take a taxi back to their village. We told them that if his pain became too much they could come back and we would help with pain management. I don't know if they would come back or not but at least they know we are available.

It is painful to have to look a child in the eyes and know that he will die and we can do nothing. Even his eyes staring at me now are piercing. These are the moments that are so clear to me that we are merely man and that all we can do comes from the hand of God.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Our Guillain-Barré patient, Boubacar, came back a little while ago to show us how he was doing. He is walking completely on his own and doing quite well. Not all the way there yet but incredible improvement from not being able to walk at all before. We are so thankful for his healing!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

I got a smile! Arasidatou, burn

Mission accomplished! I finally saw a smile from Arasidatou! Giving anywhere from three to five pieces of candy a day finally worked! Who cares if her teeth rot out- at least she smiled! :) I also gave her two dresses (sent by people in the States), a bag, da juice (habiscus leaves -actually quite good), and various other items that I had around. I realize I had to spoil her for this smile and maybe some would say I even bought her affection but I'm ok with that. A smile is a smile and it makes me jump for joy. Literally.

Moctar, leukemia

No pictures but thought I would update that since Thursday Moctar has experienced left sided paralysis. We aren't sure why other than his chemo medication. So now he can no longer flee his room when he has a confused seizure as he was doing last week (instead of convulsing, he becomes combative and delusional).

In other words, he isn't doing great. We knew he would have a hard time as he came to us very sick. He is so wasted that his pants are about 5 sizes to big. When he was walking around he had to hold them up.

We are praying for healing and that he would know he is loved even as he is confined to his bed.