Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wilm's Tumor patients

Last week was Yanoussa's last dose of his treatment for his Wilm's tumor. He has such a sweet smile but he wasn't in the mood that day. We scanned him that day (only by ultrasound) and all looked clear which is great!

He is here with Mahamadou, the new Wilm's tumor patient, who also isn't thrilled. The poor kid cries quietly each time we get and IV and give medicine. He is slowly warming up to me as I keep giving him candy and chocolate. :) It is neat to see the two of them together. One who has finished treatment and one who is just beginning. Neat to show the family there is hope for Mahamadou.

And yet again, the last picture after chemo. I really need to start taking this picture before we give the meds instead of after. :)

Update on the diabetics

It's been awhile since I wrote about our diabetics so I thought I'd catch up a bit.

Elizabethi is doing well at the girls' school in Baramba. She enjoys the village life. She is really starting to look like a woman and not a girl anymore. Everything seems to be going well for her and she is doing well with her sugars.

Yohana has put on some weight and overall is doing well. He's had a few incidents where he starts to stare off blankly and his father gives him a little sugar and he is fine. We have since lowered his insulin.

Djara is the one who is showing her age. She has had two episodes where she was unconscious and had to come to the hospital. Thankfully, for the third episode she was at the hospital and I noticed her not acting right. We were able to get sugar in her before she became unconscious. She has been hospitalized for the last two weeks as we've tried to regulate her sugars. The main problem we've found is that she chooses not to eat her meals. So she takes her insulin but doesn't eat. Not good. We're trying to teach her that she can't not eat when she doesn't like something. Little by little she is learning. Today she is going back to Jeremie's house.

I am amazed overall how well they are doing and that they are thriving despite the illness.